Diversity Statement

Diversity Statement

khrysalys is an inherently multicultural company that fosters inclusivity by ensuring people of all backgrounds, perspectives and experiences are represented in our workplace. we value diversity ,regardless of their socio-economic status, culture, religion, ethnicity, physical and mental ability, sexual orientation and gender identity, views and cultures, and believe in providing equal opportunity and treatment for everyone.

In the content we create and throughout our business. We strive to create inspiring and engaging content, experiences and products that are as diverse as the audiences we serve.

Our commitment to creating a diverse and equitable company applies to our audience, all employees, contractors, contributors, temporary workers and job applicants.

In support of diversity, inclusion, and equity, khrysalys is commit to:

  • Respect all
  • Trust each other to engage in difficult conversations
  • Share our unique stories and listen to others’
  • Learn from different perspectives and experiences
  • Examine our biases and endeavor to overcome them
  • Foster belonging, connectedness, and safety
  • Invest in the personal growth of all
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