Sustainability Statement

Sustainability Statement

At Khrysalys we are committed to doing business in ways that is socially and environmentally responsible to mitigate our local and global footprint, drive conversation, spark local movements and make meaningful changes to make a global impact.

Our brands goal is to recognize our responsibility to raise awareness, contribute to the global debate and to point to solutions that ensure the world around us starting at the local level actively engaged in protecting our most precious resources.

As we’re an entirely remote work team we start off with a great advantage. Our team works wherever and whenever they need to. Nobody on our team has a proper “commute” in the way that most would think of it which cuts down on our carbon footprint immensely.

As our company’s infrastructure is largely on Amazon Web Services ourselves or by vendor we already are off to a pretty good start. AWS already pledges their own set of carbon offset credits every year to make that facility essentially carbon neutral.

We will not only inform our industry, listeners, viewers and readers in ways that reduces our impact on the planet but to also inspire our audiences to take meaningful action by doing things to counteract the impact that we all have on the environment. It means running our business as environmentally sound as possible by taking practical actions, working with partners to foster tangible, meaningful and proactive changes.

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